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Lymphosarcoma, sometimes called lymphoma, is a malignant tumor (or
tumors) derived from lymphoid tissue (lymph nodes, tonsils, thymus,
spleen, etc.). It is an illness that affects humans as well as cats,
dogs, and other mammals. Lymphosarcomas are probably the most common
tumors of cats.

Although often caused by the leukemia virus, the cases we have
experienced have occurred in FeLV negative Oriental Shorthairs, which
have been strictly indoors in FeLV negative catteries. Since these cats
are related we suspect a genetically inherited cause instead of viral.

Some of the lymphoma cats were diagnosed too late for treatment to be
effective so we feel it's important to share our discussions about the
symptoms to alert other cat owners and breeders. We have found that by
talking about it openly, sharing experiences and pedigrees, we have been
able to let go of the pain and continue as cat fanciers. After our
first cat died, I phoned all over the country. I was amazed at how many
people would not talk about it. People would tell me about their
experiences, but promised to deny the conversation in the future. Some,
unfortunately, were all too willing to blame other cats many generations
past. I also went through a long period of denial during this time,
which is very common when faced with a disease like this. Even after we
lost three cats, I still couldn't accept that our cases could be
genetic. I kept searching for other possibilities. Was it environmental?
Water, radon, power lines, or just random bad luck? Were humans
affected? It just couldn't be genetic!

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June 06 Test Blog


Testing, testing, testing, testing....


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